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Your candidate. Sharon Lynn Bodine, has been part of this country long enough to see there are epic problems needing solved. Bills that inhibit home or organic garden?! H.R. 875 by Donkey DeLauro & 2 dozen other Donkeys passed. Fun fact for ya: Private Prisons GEO, Core Civic, CCA are hoping YOUR families get incarcerated cuz it's great for stock profit! 

There are always SOLUTIONS. Like hiring a competent genuine sane leadership as opposed to people more concerned with their quarterly stocks is one imperative move. 

Genocidal pharmaceutical companies need a healthy balance of holistic integration.

America is supposed to be a free nation but harbors more incarceration centers than all other countries combined. 

Countless people have endured their Constitutional Rights stripped.

While informing each other of illegalities & crimes against humanity plaguing America it's necessary to do our best NOT to pour gasoline on already extremely turbulent traumatic situations by subjectively attacking. To heal from these events as well as do best to be compassionate while changing it is my goal.  I hope you join our movement.


United By A Common Goal

Sharon knows the value of being connected. Our actions & words affect one another. That's why they're running for this position. Have you lost friends & family due to hypocritical dangerous drug wars? Have you or loved ones endured suffering from medical or psychiatric industries pharmaceutical agenda? Are you exhausted with paying extreme taxes while gigantic corporations pay nil with many operating illegally? Do you feel like a slave in your home? Are you ready to KEEP Your Religious Rights w/out persecution? Are you prepared to see the end of terrorism? End racism? End persecution & fear? To pull America out of debt? To see your families & children safe from mass shootings? Help Sharon Bodine help you by joining our Team.


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We have no choice but to take our country back without a united Educated Political TEAM. Flyers, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. 

Be BRAVE with ME. Let us stand up against these injustices with fierce but stern love. 

Crimes Against Humanity are being committed in America. Leaders turn a blind eye or are paid to ignore. Tell me. Do you enjoy what America has turned into?

We YES need a New World but not one of Evil Chaotic Order! Join Sharon's Political Presidential Campaign Today!


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