Our Objectives


Make America Smart Again

Our children depend on an educational curriculum that will teach them how to think NOT just what to think. How to become aware so they are not victims to school shootings or violence, bullying or racism. How to relax so they are not driven to stress, anxiety, depression ultimately leading to suicide or unhealthy addictions. How to treat each other with respect, compassion & kindness. These students depend on us to lead them into harmony NOT a life of misery & incessant sufferings.


Make America Healthy Again

Americans deserve healthy foods which is why produce must be government subsidized. If there are hydrogenated oils causing heart disease they deserve to know the truth & have the option of what foods to eat. Thing is FDA & Monsanto have done a fabulous job of taking control of food supply & seed market in a manner that inhibits FREE Market & holistic competition. Organic farms have been raided like an amphetamines operation was occurring. Farmers have lost their livelihoods & entire way of living. Americans suffer most excruciating dis-eases from physical, physiological to psychological due to toxic sustenance & surroundings. America deserves better than this unhealthy shiz show they are handed. And this begins with the government stepping up to subsidize more than meat, wheat or corn. Doing whats best for farmers & families.  


1) Private Prisons owners & executives premeditating how to incriminate YOUR families. Collecting stock on S&P 500. Human commodity. Needs turned back to public sector & into true rehabilitation environments as opposed to cages that are costly to tax payers, a threat to national security & communities.

2) Foreign entities build on American land, some neglecting to contribute to the state or country, hiding profits over seas. No more! When American tax payers far from millionaires are being taken advantage of by multi-million to billion dollar entities, NO MORE Foreign entities hornswaggling citizens. 

3) America is so far in the red your children's' children are apparently held responsible for this debt. Industrial Hemp is a cash crop commodity serving hundreds of industrial, commercial & residential purposes...including pulling our country out of debt!